STARS-911 | [Brainwashing prostitution] "One in 100 years beautiful track and field niece" is a hot topic on SNS. She is sold as a sex doll. Mei Miyajima

STARS-911 | [Brainwashing prostitution]
Label: SOD star
Director: Chiku Brother
Studio: SOD Create

My niece from the upper continent has become a hot topic on the internet as a ``one in 100 years beautiful track and field girl.'' She has a lot of friends because of her talent and talent, and although she seems to be living a smooth life from the outside, there is a hidden side to her. She was brainwashed by Oki, the track and field club advisor, and after practice she used to be Oki's sex pet. Furthermore, Oki begins to brainwash Mei into prostitution through SNS...


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